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Charity Run of Caritas Macau
Date: 22 July-8 October, 2017
Time: 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Venue: University of Macau
What is it about?

Charity Run of Caritas Macau

Date: 8th October 2017 (Sunday)

Time: 7:30am to 12:00noon

Location: University of Macau

Enrolment period: 22nd July 2017 to 10th September 2017

No. of participants:
Open Category 1500, Family Category 500, Rehabilitation Category 500, Exercise Walking Category 500

Album: Caritas Macau Charity Run

      To continue the spirit of Charity Run of Caritas Macau last year, we hope to encourage more people to participate in the sport of running. It is also aimed to promote integration of persons with and without disabilities to facilitate parent and child harmony. All the donations raised from this event will go directly to Caritas Macau for philanthropic causes and new social service development.

      Entry fee for each participant of any category is MOP100. Participants are welcomed to invite friends or family members to sponsor and support this meaningful event together. When the participants complete the challenge within the time limits, medal of achievement and towel will be given to them. In addition, to promote this year's charity run more effectively, Caritas Macau has designed limited edition tees and water bottles for charity sale. Please pre-order the limited edition souvenirs to raise more funds for Caritas Macau. 

      The enrolment period starts from 22nd July 2017 to 10th September 2017. Participants can register entry in person at the following venues: Caritas Macau, Caritas Library, Centro Pastoral da Areia Preta, Casa Corcel, Longevity Special Day Care Center and University of Macau. Participants can also complete the application online by scanning QR code. Please see the attached event rules and regulations and application form below. If you have any queries, please contact 28933255 or 28713270。

Rules and Regulations:  Please Click here

Enrolment Form: Individual Please Click here  

                              Group Please Click here 

The following QRcodes are Caritas Macau Facebook Fanpage, mobile phone application and pre-order of souvenirs respectively:

    Facebook Fanpage      Mobile phone             Pre-order of 

                                         application                  souvenirs