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Big Charity Sale Day
Organization: Good Fortune Charity Shop
Date: 28 September-1 December, 2019
Time: 0930-1800
Venue: Igreja de São Domingos no Largo do São Domingos e Centro Pastoral da Areia Preta
What is it about?

Good Fortune Charity Shop came into operation in 2011. It is one of the social enterprise of Caritas Macau. The shop aims to collect all sorts of donation from benefactor and re-sell them to the general public. The income from the shop will be used for charity purpose. A large amount of second-hand kids toys, clothes and other goods will be sold for charity on site. Interested parties are welcome to purchase. 

Date: 28-29, Sep ,2019(Sat & Sun)

         19-20, Oct, 2019(Sat & Sun)

         16-17, 30 Nov, 2019(Sat & Sun)

         1, Dec, 2019(Sun)

This charity sale requires a lot of volunteers. If you are interested in participating in this charity sale, please call Ms. Choi at 2855-0034 to register

Who should attend? Interested parties