Centro de Serviços Integrados de Apoio à Família — Fonte de Alegria e de Energia

Release date:2019/10/08
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Since the 60s, our centre has been providing support to families in need.

In the 80s, society was developing at a rapid speed, led to shifts in demand for services. The service pattern of Caritas changed from providing resources to family counselling, visits and referrals.

In 2003, the Social Service Bureau collaborated with local organisations and launched the Single Parents Support Network Project. This project aimed to provide counselling and support to single-parent families.

In July 2015, services of our centre officially transformed into integrated family service.



Centro de Serviços Integrados de Apoio à Família strives to promote the harmony in families and communities and to build a stronger family relationship so that all family members can grow and thrive in a supportive environment.



a. Create an encouraging and supportive environment; enhance the function and harmony of families

b. Provide swift support for dysfunctional families or individuals by enhancing their resilience.

c. broaden and connect the network of resources among the communities; build a loving and close community.

Service Content

1. Family Resources Unit

(1) Books, publication references corners

(2) Volunteer training

(3) Recreational activities

2. Family Support Unit

(1) Family Life Education

(2) Project Groups

(3) Assistance and Referrals

(4) Counselling and Consultations

3. Family Counselling Unit

By combining individual, family and group counselling, the Family Counselling Unit provides professional and therapeutic counselling and support services to dysfunctional families.


Service Target

All Macau citizens


Service hour

Monday to Sunday

9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

(Close on Public Holidays)


Contact Us

Add.: 1/F, Riviera Macau, 75-87 R. do Dr. Lourenco Pereira Marques, Macau

Tel.: 2893 4109、2893 0362、2893 3507

Fax: 2893 0185

Email: caritas_family@yahoo.com.hk


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