Message of Executive Director

Last year, Caritas Macau has made several new attempts: speech therapy services and roving support services for integrated students in the mainstream school, implementation of Centro de Proteção Ambiental “Precioso Tesouro” which promote environmental awareness, Play with Kids in the form of social enterprises operation, and the successfully transformed Autocarro Venha Conosco Chon Fai, and the Caritas Transit-aided Service for PwDs which the Macau Foundation has just funded. In addition, Caritas planned to launch the medical services and will take over the operation of a clinic in the coming months. It will provide low-cost outpatient services for people in need including foreign workers and low-income residents.


In terms of Services for the Elderly, I would like to thank the Macau Foundation for its support over the past six years, the fundings let the home-caring services have fulfilled the pioneering mission. In the future, the subsidies will be provided by the Social Welfare Bureau(IAS), the home visiting services for the frail so that the elderly have opportunities to choose home-based care. During the year, Caritas has taken over the management of three private-owned elderly homes and the "Praia do Manduco" Centre for the Elderly. It is hoped that the service quality will improve continuously on the original basis with the efforts of all members.


During Typhoon Mangkhut hitting Macau hardly, Caritas colleagues had remained in their position and learned from the previous year's disaster prevention and resilience experience, they had made adequate defense measures beforehand. The citizens of Macao actively responded to the appeals and arrangements of the MSGP and worked together to cope with the typhoon without any injuries.


The international situation is unpredictable so Caritas continues to keep an eye on the wave of Venezuelan refugees. The institution raised funds for the Indonesian tsunami, and helped Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to survive the crisis, and provided support for the Philippines' post-disaster reconstruction. Global issues such as natural disasters, wars, refugees, and collaboration between countries are particularly important. Caritas adheres to the humanitarian spirit and appeals to the citizens to pay more attention to the needs of the international community. Through Caritas organizations in different countries and regions, the institution and Macau citizens can provide care and assistance to those in need.


I would like to thank God for his caring and blessing and to thank every volunteer from different aspects, our services’ users and their families. Caritas thus able to adhere to our mission, spread love, and respond quickly to the needs of the community. It is our mission to provide continuous, innovative, comprehensive and diversified caring services to all individuals, families, groups, and communities.

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