Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Penha

Release date:2019/07/30
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In 1968, Father Gaetano Nicosia found a group of physically and mentally disabled children abandoned on the street and decided to open a residential home for them.  With support from the late Bishop Paulo Jose Tavares, Lar DeNossa Senhora Da Penha was established in September 1968. In August 2001, Caritas de Macau assumed responsibility for the center.


Mission Statement

The aim of our center is to comfort, care for and serve children with special needs.  We focus on creating a harmonious, supportive environment through which the children in our care are assisted to develop their full potential, strengthen their abilities and thus possess the means to attain a brighter future.



  • 24-hour Accommodation

  • Full-Service Residential Care

  • Individualized Training and Development

  • Organization of Group and Community-based Activities

  • Special Education

  • Medical Care

  • Physical / Occupational Therapy

  • Counselling



Children who are under the age of fifteen years old with mental or physical disabilities

Application Procedures

1. The applicant is required to make an application at Social Service Centre in his/her neighborhood and submits:

  • Photocopy of Macao Resident Identity Card of the applicant and his/her family members;

  • Salary declaration of family members;

  • Water or electricity bill of present living place, rent receipt/documents relating to housing loan and other expenses;

  • Medical declaration issued by Health Bureau or Hospital “Kiang Wu” (If it is about mental status, declaration has to be issued by the Psychiatry Section of “Centro Hospitalar Conde de S. Januário”);

  • Other relevant documents of the application (For enquiry, please contact Social Service Centres).


2. Home visit will be arranged after our center has received the referral from Social Welfare Bureau.





Service fee

Long-term accommodation service: the monthly fee is Mop 2,000.

Temporary accommodation service: the daily fee is Mop 20.00

Contact Us

ADD:Estrada D. João Paulino 22 Macau  Location 

TEL:2857 3789

FAX:2896 3125


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