Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde

Release date:2019/10/08
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In 1983, Centro de Dia da Ilha Verde (“Ilha Verde Elderly Centre”) was founded by Fr. Luis Ruiz Suarez. At that time, St. Paul’s Clinic used to be a leisure place for the elderly in the Conselheiro Borja. The clinic was demolished in 1991 and was temporarily operated at Asilo de Betania (“Betania Elderly Home”) for the elderly. In August 1992, the Social Welfare Bureau provided a new venue for the centre to continue serving the elderly in the district. With the improvement of facilities, it gradually developed into a diversified day centre for the elderly.



    1.   Day Care Centre for the Elderly

With the concept of community care, our centre aims to provide the elderly with a healthy and fulfilling life in the community. We encourage them to develop their potential, enhance their understanding and participation in the community, and build a caring community for the elderly.

    2.   Residential Care and Support Service

Our centre provides residential care and support services for the vulnerable and the needy, so that they can receive appropriate care to enhance and improve their quality of life and reside in the community comfortably

3.  Care giver support services

Our centre provides appropriate support to care givers so as to enhance their caring skills and help them cope with daily stress, as well as enhancing the quality of care for the elderly.


Service Content

  • Day Care Centre for the Elderly

  1. Health education

  2. Educational and developmental activities

  3. Social and creational activities

  4. Case management and counselling

  5. Personal support services

  6. Resources pavilion

  7. Leisure activities

  • Residential Care and Support Service

  1. Meal delivery

  2. Escorting

  3. Laundry

  4. Personal Care

  5. Case Consultation

  6. Nursing and rehabilitation

  7. Bathing service

  8. Mutual aid network and community activities

  9. Home visits

  10. Home cleaning

  11. Phone calls

  12. Assistance for shopping and handling matters outside of home.

  •  Care giver support service

  1. Resources lending service (rehabilitation equipment, books for the elderly, audio and video products)

  2. Residential care, rehabilitation counseling and guidance

  3. Home environment safety assessment

  4. Service referral and introduction of community resources

  5. Lectures on nursing knowledge and training of nursing skills

  6. Support groups

  7. Case work


Service Target

Day Centre Centre for the Elderly

  1. Holders of Macao SAR Resident Identity Card;

  2. Aged 60 or above (priority will be given to those who do not have membership in other centres and discretion will be exercised for those under 18 years old)


Residential Care and Support Service

  1. Holders of Macao SAR Resident Identity Card;

  2. Persons who require assistance in daily living as they cannot look after themselves or in poor health, lack care and support from their relatives.

  3. Elderly living alone/elderly couples with weak social networks and lack of community support.

    Priority will be given to low-income persons.

   For patients with infectious diseases or mental illness, a medical certificate showing that the disease has been properly treated and effectively controlled is required before accepting the application.

     Applicants must meet the requirements of the criteria 1 and 2 or 3 above.

     Service area: Conselheiro Borja,

     Toi San and Fái Chi Kei


Care giver support service

Taking care of family members of the elderly, relatives, neighbours, volunteers or those who are interested in knowing more about the services of care givers.



Day Care Centre for the Elderly

  1. Visit our centre or contact us for more information;

  2. Fill  in the application form and submit 3 photos and a copy of the applicant’s identity card;

  3. Services shall be provided after approval.

  4. Note: if the applicant wishes to apply for canteen catering service, he/she is required to submit a health certificate issued by the doctor


Residential Care and Support Service

  1. The applicant, his/her relatives or other referral organisations should fill in the application/referral form provided by the centre. Under special circumstances, the applicant may contact the centre by phone to make follow-up arrangements for subsequent applications.

  2. Please submit the following documents together with your application / referral form:

  3. A copy of applicant’s identity card

  4. Two recent photos with dimensions 1.5 x 1.5 inches

  5. A copy of Health Bureau Medical Card

  6. A medical certificate (for those who are recently discharged patients)

  7. A copy of financial assistance card (for recipients of assistance)

  8. Home visits and assessments will be conducted. Applicants will be informed of  the application results as soon as possible.


Carers support service

Please visit the centre or contact us by phone for more details.


Service Fees

Service fees may vary. Please call us or visit the centre for details


Office Hours

Monday to Saturday: 08:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00

(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)


Contact Us

Address: Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, Macao Map Location

Tel: 2823 4222/2822 0955

Fax: 2822 2572

E-mail: centroiv@macau.ctm.net



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