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Release date:2019/10/08
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      Lar para Idosos Yee On was founded in 1991. It was transferred to Caritas de Macau for management and operation on 16th June 2018 and provides a 24-hour accommodation service to residents.


Service Content

      We provide residential facilities and services like basic health care and daily care. For example, nasogastric tube feeding, feeding, bathing, toileting, and hairdressing.


Service Target

  • Elderly aged 60 or above

  • No infectious diseases

  • No severe mental illness or offensive behavior

  • Lack of  relatives, friends or family members to provide necessary health care

  • Able to adapt to group life



       Visit us during working hours and bring along with the applicant's identity document and health certificate.


Service hours

24 hours


Visiting hours

0800-2000 daily

At the following special times, family members need to cooperate with staff instructions when arranging visits and a meeting place.

(0800-1000 shower time)

(1200-1430 lunchtime)

(1800-2000 most of the residents resting in their room)


Working hours


09:00-13:00; 14:00-18:00



(Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)


Contact Us

Address: Praca de Luis de Camoes, no 6-8, Edf. Lai Hou, Bloco 4, R/C - LB, HB, MB e IB, 1 Andar - QA, RA, MA e NA, Macao

Tel.: 2895 2742

Fax: 2895 2813



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