Lar para Idosos Yee On (Yat Lai)

Release date:2019/10/08
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       Lar para Idosos Yee On (Yat Lai) was founded in 1997. It was transferred to Caritas de Macau for management and operation on 16th June 2018 and provides residents a 24-hour accommodation service.


Service Content

       We provide residential facilities and services like basic health care and daily care. For example, nasogastric tube feeding, feeding, bathing, toileting, and hairdressing.


Service Target

  • Elderly aged 60 or above

  • No infectious diseases

  • No severe mental illness or offensive behavior

  • Lack of  relatives, friends or family members to provide necessary health care

  • Able to adapt to group life



       Visit us during working hours and bring along with the applicant's identity document and health certificate.


Service hours



Visiting Hours

0800-2000 daily

At the following special times, family members need to cooperate with staff instructions when arranging visits and a meeting place.

(0800-1000 shower time)

(1200-1430 lunchtime)

(1800-2000 most of the residents resting in their room)


Working hours

Monday to Friday

09:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00



(Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)


Contact Us

Address:Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, Yuet Lai Fa Yuen, Bloco 5, Lai Yuen Kok, 3 Andar AG A AN, Macao

Tel: 28220570

Fax: 28221041



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