Asilo de Santa Maria

Release date:2019/10/08
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     Asilo de Santa Maria for the Aged was founded in 1968 by Fr. Luis Ruiz Suarez. People were having a difficult living environment and the aged and helpless elderly were lack of housing and care, therefore, the priest launched the residential service to provide a 'home' for them. Due to numerous of people serving, the Center was expanded to 5-storey in 1975.


      Over the years, the Center kept changing and optimizing the living environment, facilities, equipment, and services, so as to ensure the elderly living here enjoy their twilight years gladly. Besides, in order to enhance the professionalism of the services, the Center recruits multi-disciplinary staff, including doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacy technicians.



       The Center provides accommodation and meals for the female elderly, health-care services, daily-caring services, and rehabilitative treatments which lead them to a safe and comfortable home-life. Through counseling, group activities, social and recreational activities, they can fulfill and develop their potentials, meanwhile, reintegrate into the group-life and the society. They can enjoy their twilight years gladly in dignity.


Services Content

  • 24-hour accommodation

  • Meals providing services

  • Medical care services

  • Escorting services

  • Social and recreational activities

  • Rehabilitation exercises

  • Counseling services

  • Pastoral care services


Service Target

  • Macau’s female residents aged 60 or above

  • Priority will be given to the elderly with residential care needs (lack of self-care/lack of family care) and who are unable to apply community services to solve their living problems

  • No highly infectious diseases

  • Able to adapt to group life



  • Complete the application form and return it to our home together with a copy of the applicant’s identity card and a photo, we will then pass it to IAS.

  • Each Centro de Assistência Social under IAS will process and assess the received application and allocate them to a waiting list.

  • The eligible person will be arranged to live in the institution.


Service Fee



Visiting Hours

Monday to Sunday 0800-2000


Working Hours

Monday to Sunday 0900-1800


Contact Us

Travessa dos Santos, No 2-4, R/C, Macau

Tel: 2830 2104/2832 5189

Fax: 2830 2337



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