Mother Mary Social Studies Centre

Release date:2019/10/08
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 The School of Social Work - Mother Mary Social Studies Centre opened at 12:00 on November 13, 2010. The establishment of The School of Social Work was initiated and supported by the late Sister Maria Goisis. Therefore, the opening of the centre is also a tribute to Sister Maria Goisis. The centre is located at Rua de Pedro Coutinho, No. 90, adjacent to Caritas Library and Saint John de Brito School. We are committed to all kinds of work to promote a better society, including the study of poverty and vulnerable groups. We also publish research materials, documents and data to young people and social workers who are interested in relevant research work. In addition, the centre are with activity rooms (for ceramic art, film editing) and multi-purpose function rooms. In the future, more auxiliary activities will be planned to benefit all sectors of the community.


  • By exploring different research fields, evaluating and analyzing the social development situation, we aim to facilitate the scientific research of social work in Macao;

  • In response to the social issues concerned by the public, we will go into deep discussion, induction, conclusion and providing solutions;

  • Promote localization of social work professional by combining social research with social work practice;

  • Develop all positions in social service teams to enhance social work professionalism;

  • Become an information platform for social service practitioners.


Prof. Cecelia Chan, University of Hong Kong

Prof. Iris Chi, University of Southern California


      Prof. Philip Siu, University of Macau

      Dr. William Fan, Psychiatry private practice

      Dr. Raymond Ngan, City University of Hong Kong

      Dr. John Fung, Information Technology Resource Centre, HKCSS

      Dr. Chi-Chuen Chan, Upper Iowa University

      Mr. Peter Chan, University of Hong Kong / Beijing Normal University

      Dr. Abraham Leong, National Chi Nan University

      Dr. Jean Berlie, University of Hong Kong / Jinan University


Address: Largo de Santo Agostinho, No. 1A, Macau

Phone: 2828 3331

Fax: 2828 3332




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