Centro Pastoral Da Areia Preta

Release date:2019/10/08
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     Centro Pastoral Da Areia Preta was established by Irmãs Maryknoll de S. Domingos MM in 1982, who was invited by Diocese de Macau. We assist individuals and groups to grow while working such as social services and welfare participation. In January 2009, Caritas Macau took control over the centre. Our services are mainly divided into Aged Paradise, postnatal care service and interest training courses.



      We uphold the mission of Caritas and continue our service spirit to provide a wide range of social services to the elderly and community in the North District. Our services are strengthening their support network, developing resources of the community, encouraging them to be active in participating the community and cultivating a sense of belonging to build a healthy, positive and caring community for residents.


Service Content

Postnatal care service

Through the intervention and guidance of third parties, we hope to share experiences with a group of women who are interested in postnatal care and childcare. By providing systematic training to reduce the difficulties and pressures that the family may face when the baby is born, and hence help them to tide over this "family crisis."

Interest Training Courses

By providing the interest training courses for the community, participants can feel relaxed and learn new skills in their spare time. This enhances community functions and promotes social harmony.


Service target

Postnatal care service

People who are interested in Postnatal care work

Families with expectant mothers and newborns


Interest Training Courses

Macau citizens



Postnatal care service

For the Postnatal care mentors certificate programme, you may visit or call our centre for inquiry or enrolment according to our course arrangement.

For postnatal care service, you may visit, email or call our centre for inquiry or appointment.

Postnatal Care Service Special (Our People, Our Life)

2015 Postnatal Care Service introduction and fees

2016 Postnatal Care Service introduction and fees

2017-2018 Postnatal Care Service introduction and fees

2019-2020 Postnatal Care Service introduction and fees


Interest Training Courses

     You may visit our centre for inquiry and enrolment according to the class arrangement.


Service Hours

Monday to Friday

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

(Open as usual at noon)


9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 (Closed on Sundays and public holidays)


Contact Us

Add.: Bairro Iao Hon, Rua Dois, no 2, Edf. Iau Tim, R/C, Macau

Tel.: 2834 1924

Fax: 2837 0485

Email: ctrhsv821@gmail.com

Location: Location on Maps


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