Casa Corcel

Release date:2019/10/08
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The former residence of Casa Corcel was the Macau homeless shelter, established on 28th July 1994, and was rebuilt from a two-levels counters. In 2005, the government carried out the in-situ reconstruction and completed in 2006. After the reconstruction, our centre with seven-levels provides a comfortable living environment for the male and female homeless and renamed the building as Casa Corcel.


To improve the living conditions of the homeless, to assist them back to normal life and integrate into the society, and to develop the public's understanding and acceptance of them.


All eligible person would be arranged to check-in by referral from the Social Welfare Bureau or by arrangement from a management entity (Caritas Macau). The short-term residential service can provide spaces up to 58 males and 10 females.


Each service user of the accommodation are required to pay the fee every month, excluding exceptional circumstances.

Service Target

 Homeless who aged 18 or above with Macao SAR Resident Identity Card or other legal documentary proof to stay. No gender preference. Users of accommodation services should be able to take care of themselves and their daily lives.


 Contact Us

         Tel: 2827 0939

       Fax: 2822 2562



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