Creche da Caritas

Release date:2019/10/08
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Creche da Caritas is a detached building located in Toi San district of Macao. The campus is with 8 activity rooms, auditorium and outdoor playground. In addition, our building is with high ceiling and good air circulation. The environment and facilities are suitable for children's physical / mental development and healthy growth.


  • Providing different types of nursery service to support parents who are unable to allocate time to take care of children;

  • Taking good care of children and providing them a healthy, happy and inclusive growing-up environment.

Types of Service

  • Whole day, half day, emergency / temporary nursery services

  • Childcare: Providing safe environment and appropriate care for children.

  • Teaching: Through different types of themed activities, stimulating children's senses, inspiring the development of children's various abilities; helping children to develop good living habits and self-care ability.

  • Meal Service: Breakfast, lunch, refreshment and fruit

  • Health Caring Service: Morning / afternoon check-up, temperature measurement, taking medicine and general treatment, etc.

Target Group

  • Children with legal residence certificate, giving priority to those with Macao resident identity card.

  • Boys and girls aged from three months old to three years old;

  • In good health.


  • The admission information will be published on the website of Caritas Macao and our nursery's bulletin board.

  • Following the published admission information, register online and wait for a draw.

  • The draw result will be announced on our nursery's bulletin board and the website of Caritas Macao.


  1. A portrait photo of the applicant.

  2. A copy of the ID card of the applicant's parent or guardian.

  3. A copy of the applicant's medical card, baby health record and personal immunisation record (injection book).

  4. The applicant's health certificate signed by doctor.

  5. Vaccination certificate.

The above health certificates must be issued by government hospital, health centres or Kiang Wu Hospital.



  • Whole day:

    Baby sitting class: MOP1,100.00/month

        Nursery class: MOP1,000.00/month

        Apron fee: MOP100.00/day

  • Half day:

    Morning session / Afternoon session: MOP600.00/month

        Apron fee: MOP100.00/day

    The above fees include meals and study fees. All information is subject to the announcement of our nursery.

Emergency / Temporary Nursery Service

  • Objective: To provide temporary and appropriate day care for babies and young children, especially for families with urgent and temporary needs.

  • Target Group: Children who meet the age range of our nursery and have legal residence certificate (Macao resident identity card holder is with priority).

  • Quota: Maximum of 4 per day, without exceeding the allowable quota of our nursery.

  • Service Hours:

       Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays and Sundays)

       Whole day: 08:00-18:30

       Morning session: 09:00-12:00

       Afternoon session: 15:00-18:00

  • Application: Contact us during office hours to inquire about condition of use and vacancy. Then parents or guardians visit our nursery in person and submit the required documents for application. After assessment and confirmation, service will be provided.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 08:00-18:30


Address: Rua Marginal do Canal das Hortas, No. 343, Macau

Phone: 2823 1090, 2023 1088

Fax: 2823 0951




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