Grupo de Cooperação Hip Lek

Release date:2019/10/08
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To response society's demands for job introduction and development, Caritas Macao established "Hip Lek" on June 16, 2000 to assist the unemployed. From May 2004 to March 2006, Social Welfare Bureau, together with Caritas Macao and 3 other organizations, launched the program "Welfare to Work - Community Employment Assistance Program". In April 2006, the program became "Community Employment Assistance Program" and kept on providing job opportunities for the beneficiaries of Social Welfare Bureau who have the ability to work. "Positive Life Service Program" was launched in 2006 to assist program participants to enter labour market again. Hip Lek is also committed to provide training and support for working and unemployed people, regaining personal confidence and enhancing the competitiveness of re-employment.


 We aim to offer career counselling, job matching, skills training, employment information and other services for the participants of "Community Employment Assistance Program", as well as working and unemployed people, so that they are well-prepared for entering labour market.

Types of Service

  • Providing career counselling and referrals, groups and workshops for specific topics

  • Providing job opportunity for the participants of "Community Employment Assistance Program"

Target Group

  • Working and unemployed people aged over 18

  • The participants of "Community Employment Assistance Program"

Opening Hours

09:00-20:00, closed on mandatory holidays.


Address: Largo de Santo Agostinho, No. 1A, Macau [Map]

Address: Rua do Dr. Lourenço Pereira Marques, No. 75-87, The Riviera Macau, 1 Andar, Macau  Map

Phone: 2833 2550

Fax: 2893 0185



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