Centro Residencial Arco-Iris

Release date:2019/10/08
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Centro Residencial Arco-Iris is a family-like youth home established on March 31, 1998. We are subsidized by Social Welfare Bureau and managed by Caritas Macao.


For high-risk youth (being abandoned, lack of family care, in conflict with family or society, etc), we provide them good living environment with short-term / long-term care and assistance.


We offer residential and counselling service for children and youth, help them to build a disciplined life and grow up in an environment with education, love, companionship and care; assist youth to reorganise their pace of life, value orientation, interpersonal relationship and confidence in future life. Our ultimate goal is to help service users to learn to be independent, have the ability to take care of themselves, and rejoin their families if applicable.

Target Group

Based on Social Welfare Bureau's Children and Youth Home regulations, we provide service for

  • Male teenagers or young men aged 12 to 21;

  • People having academic problems;

  • People having behavioural / emotional problems, or who are not adaptable to society;

  • People aged under 18 who are unable to take care of themselves;

  • Ex-residents of our youth home who left due to being overage;

  • And with vacancies in our quota (34 males);


     Family-based services are provided in the following areas: accommodation, meals, personal and group counselling, academic referral, career counselling, diversified interest groups, family therapy, referral service, etc.

    Our male and female officers provide daily services to residents on a 24-hour shift basis. In addition, social workers follows up residents' needs in behavioural / psychological development. By case counselling and group activities, we help residents to reach different goals, and to have a deep understanding themselves. In the process, they can also establish good interpersonal relationships, improve self-care ability, develop their potential, enhance self-esteem, overcome crisis in growing, and build up healthy personality and attitude.


All candidates are coordinated and referred by Children and Youth Service Division of Social Welfare Bureau. After the assessment by our youth home, suitable candidates will be arranged to move in.

Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:00

    Saturday: 09:00-13:00

    Closed on Sundays and mandatory holidays


Address: Avenida do Governador Jaime Silvério Marques, No. 179, Tong Nam Ah Jardim, R/C, Macau  Map

Phone: 2872 5772

Fax: 2872 6821


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