Lar Sao Luis Gonzaga

Release date:2019/07/30
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Lar Sao Luis Gonzaga (formerly named St. Luis Centre) is one of the rehabilitation centres of Macau Caritas, which was established by Fr. Luis Ruiz in 1970 at Ilha Verde. As for the expansion of services and to meet the need of the society, it was moved to Caminho das Hortas, Taipa in 1992 and has its name changed to Lar Sao Luis Gonzaga. Lar Sao Luis Gonzaga is a rehabilitation centre for male adults who are mentally retarded, physically handicapped or with mental disabilities.


  • Provide a comfortable home for the residents with love and care

  • Enhance the living standard of residents

  • Develop the communication and social skills of residents through various kinds of trainings and activities

  • Develop the talents of residents

Service Content

  • Meals and Accommodation

  • 24hours Health Care

  • Occupational Therapy
    Content includes: ADL Training, Positioning and Swallowing Assessment, Eye-Hand Coordination Training, Fine Motor and Upper Limb Training, Multisensory Training, Pre-Vocational Training, Cognitive Training, Wheelchairs Accessories and Aids Prescription, etc

  • Physiotherapy
    Content includes: Manual Therapy, C ryotherapy and Thermal Therapy , Exercises, Electrotherapy and i ndividual treatment plan according to the ability and needs, etc

  • Personal and Group Counseling

  • Case Referral

  • Outdoor Activities
    Content includes: going to different public recreational areas in Taipa and Macau , learning to use different public facilities, buying daily necessities and having afternoon tea, etc.

  • Social and Recreational Activities
    Content includes: gardening group, cooking group, science group, volunteer group, ball games, learning class and movie day, etc

  • Community Education Activities

  • Participation in different community promotional and educational activities 

Service Target

  • Male suffering from mental retardation, mental disorder or physical handicapped and without self care ability;

  • Macau resident aged 18or above;

  • Physical and mental condition suitable for living in a group with other residents;

  • Healthy and without communicable disease.

Application Method

Referred by Social Welfare Institute (IASM)

Capacity of the Home

A maximum of 240 residents

Service Hours

The Home is 24 hours at service

Office Hour

Monday to Sunday
8:00am to 6:00pm

Visiting Hour

Monday to Sunday
9:00am to 7:00pm

Contact Us

Add : Rua de Tin Chon(Caminho das Hortas), Taipa, Macau  Location 

Tel  : 2883 0503

Fax : 2883 0507

Email :


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