Centro de Dia "Brilho da vida"

Release date:2019/10/08
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Centro de Dia “Brilho da Vida” (“Brilho da Vida Elderly Centre”) is an elderly service centre situated in a social housing building for elderly at Fai Chi Kei. The Housing Department of the Government (Instituto de Habitação) entrusts a private management company to manage this building.  All units in the building are rented to eligible elderly who meet the legal requirements.  One family resides in one unit. Similar to other social housings, all tenants in the building can enter and exit the building freely. As this building is designated for the elderly, it is necessary to set up an elderly centre to provide support to them as well as daily caring and emergency services.


The purpose of this service centre is to provide different types of recreational activities to enrich the lives of the elderly, strengthen their social relationships and community networks, bring in social resources so that the elderly can enjoy care and love. Also, we hope that through health promotion plans, we can help the elderly to learn about personal health management, strengthen the elderly’s ability to live independently, slow down and improve the degeneration process. In particular, the centre provides personal care, domestic assistance and 24-hours emergency support to the elderly and fragile. Through these activities, we hope to achieve the objective of encouraging the elderly to stay at home by making them live comfortably and happily in the community during their twilight years.


Service Content 
1.   Emergency support – provides 24 hours emergency safety bell support to the elderly residing in the building;
2.  Personal care – provides personal care service such as assisting in toileting, bathing, nursing, laundry, escort and accompany them to seek medical treatment service for the elderly who are fragile and lacks support;
3.  Domestic safety orientation – provides domestic safety assessment, domestic health guidance, assistive aids guidance and borrowing services etc in order to enhance the ability of the elderly to live independently;
4. Health education - provides health service such as take blood pressure, measure body weight, health education seminar, physical exercise and individual health consultation etc;

5.  Casework counseling - provides emotional, psychological and psychiatric support
6. Group work - provide all kinds of recreational, developmental and socializing group work so as meet the physical, emotional, social and psychological needs of the elderly;
7. Volunteer and networking with neighbours – organizes support services such as volunteers, networking with neighbours, community network support services, e.g. regular visits and caring for the elderly;

8. Meal service - provides lunch, dinner and special meals (congee);
9. Recreational and cultural activities - provides different kinds of activities to meet the continuous development and leisure needs of the elderly. On the other hand, we also organize all kinds of regular and festive activities, e.g. birthday parties, festive celebrations, community activities etc in order to enrich the lives of the elderly and help them to develop positive thinking;

10. Community support and case referral – provide community resources or service referral services to those elderly in need;
11. Recreational facilities - provides recreational facilities and appliances such as audio and video equipment, computers, newspapers and magazines, etc in the centre.

12. Support to elderly – provides nursing care skill consultations and guidance, emotional support.



Service Target

Elderly residing at Fai Chi Kei Social Housing Block II “Edificio Fai Fu”



Elderly residing at Edificio Fai Fu can have access to our centre’s cultural and entertainment facilities except meal and personal care services which need to be assessed to ascertain the need of the applicant prior to approval. Service targets are required to sign a service agreement.


Service Fees

Please contact our centre for enquiries.


Office hours

Monday to Sunday: 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00


Contact Us

Rua De Fai Chi Kei, Habitacao Social do Fai Chi Kei Edf. Fai fu 7 Andar R, Macau

Tel:  2822 0095 / 2822 0796

Fax: 2822 0584

Email: faichikei_caritas@yahoo.com.hk



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