Complexo de Serviços de Apoio Ao Cidadão Sénior Retribuição

Release date:2019/10/08
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      Complexo de Serviços de Apoio Ao Cidadão Sénior Retribuição which is an elderly service unit under Caritas Macau. It commenced service in 2017. It is the first large-scale elderly service integrated center in Macau, providing superior and comprehensive services for the infirm and the disabled with impairment who need intensive care.

       The facilities of our center cover four major categories, namely 24-hour residential care service, daycare service, home care service & support service, and carer support service. With the help of our cross-disciplinary care and nursing services, the frail elderly can enjoy a high-quality life in their twilight years.


Service Items and Content

  1. Residential care service

  • Nursing and Personal Care: 24-hour assistance in personal care and daily life by professional nurses and caregivers, including nasogastric tube feeding, feeding, freshen up and showing, toileting, hairdressing, nail clipping, tidying up bedroom etc. The professional team in the centre also designs a “personal care plan”based on the needs of each resident.

  • Meals: Three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

    and three refreshments (in the morning, afternoon tea and supper) are provided everyday. Each meal is prepared by the health care teams to provide our residents with well-balanced nutrition and delicious food while catering for residents with special dietary needs will also be taken into account.

  • Social and Recreational Activities: In response to the physical condition and needs of residents, we provide indoor, outdoor and festive activities to the residents, including regular large-scale and small-scale recreational activities, parent-child activities, various religious group gatherings. Also, we will organize and participate in different types of community activities to keep in touch with the community, and enhance their physical and mental health as well as their self-image and dignity.

  • Medical Service: Our nurses work in shifts to provide round-the-clock services. Our resident medical officers make regular rounds from Monday to Saturday to look after their health, and refer them to specialists for treatment if necessary.

  • Rehabilitation: Physical therapists and occupational therapists, together with nursing staff, provide regular rehabilitation training and care for residents in need to enhance their physical ability. The Therapists will purchase and make assistive devices for residents with special needs to strengthen their self-care behaviour. In addition, the occupational therapists also take charge of the cognitive therapy group so as to improve residents’ quality of life and slow down the degradation process.

  • Other services: (a)daily laundry and dry-cleaning services; (b)regular house activities


2. Day Care Service

  • Providing the frail elderly with day care services in a people-oriented manner.

  • Giving an assessment on home modification and environmental tips to provide patients with a safe and supportive living environment.

  • Providing emotional support and counselling services: assisting family members to accept the fact that their family member or friend is diagnosed with dementia, and enhancing mutual cooperation among family members.

  • (a) Offering community outreach and education and (b)gatherings to foster interpersonal relationships between residents; (c) providing a platform for residents and their family to take part in the management of the institution and express their opinions on the services of the centre, and increase communication opportunities with each ; (d) promoting community education on different topics to raise community awareness of physical and mental health and promote social involvement.


3. Residential care and support services

  • Providing frail elderly who age at home with residential care services including meal delivery, home cleaning, bathing, personal care, laundry, escorts for medical care, shopping /assistance in work outside.

  • Providing psychological and social support services, including individual counselling, home visiting services, telephone counselling, mutual aid networks and community activities

  • ●Providing professional health care services, including nursing services and rehabilitation services.


4.  Carer Support Services

  • Providing residential care, rehabilitation counseling and guidance, and home environment safety assessment.

  • Providing seminars on elderly care knowledge, nursing skills training.

  • Providing support groups and case work.

  • Providing community outreach and education.

  • Providing resource lending services: rehabilitation equipment, nursing books, audio-visual products.

  • Providing service referral, and introduction of community resources.

  • Teaching family members how to look after dementia patients, including providing cognitive and rehabilitation training,behavioural and emotional processing skills, general knowledge and skills of nursing care, and stress management for carers etc.


Service Hours

  • Residential Care Services

  • Providing 24/7 services.

  • Day care services

    Monday to Saturday


    (Closed on Sundays mandatory holidays)


Value-added services: Service users can apply in advance if they need day care services on Sundays or mandatory holidays. Services will be assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether services will be provided, while the service on that day will be mainly based on the nature of care, and the place for providing services will be arranged in the service floor of the residential building.


  • Residential Care and Support Service

   Monday to Sunday



Note: This service provides limited living support including meal delivery, personal care and escorting service on Sundays and holidays.


Office Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday


Public Holiday: Closed


(Remarks: Residents or their relatives  may seek assistance from the on-duty nurse on the residents floor if they have any enquiries outside office hours.


Visiting Hours of Residential Care Service:

 08:00 & 18:00 every day

(Remarks: Under special circumstances, relatives and friends may apply for extension of visits. However, the final arrangement will be approved by the management according to the actual situation)


Contact Us

Add:Avenida de Vale das Borboletas, Complexo Comunitário de Seac Pai Van, 

R/C, 6º e 9º andares, Coloane. 

Tel:2850 2162

Fax:2850 2155



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