Lar de Cuidados “Sol Nascente” da Areia Preta

Release date:2019/10/08
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      Lar de Cuidados “Sol Nascente” da Areia Preta was established by The Social Welfare Bureau of Macau. Its management right was vested in Caritas Macau by assignment of the facility on November 1, 2006. It has commenced service since March 20, 2007. In August 2016, our nursing home opened daycare services for the elderly with cognitive impairment on the fourth floor, in order to provide training and support for their family or caregivers. In response to the SAR Government’s policy on the development and future development of elderly services.



        We are committed to providing high quality and comprehensive residential care services for frail and physically impaired people with high nursing care needs. In addition, we provide daycare and training services for people with cognitive impairment to help them maintain their health to the extent possible, slow down the ageing process, and enjoy their lives in a comfortable and dignified manner at the same time.

Service Content

  • Residential care: We provide services including personal care, medical care, social and recreational activities, psychosocial care, rehabilitation treatment and training, and pastoral care services. 

  • Daycare service: We provide services including reality orientation, memory training, reminiscence therapy, multi-sensory therapy, self-care ability training, home evaluation, and family support.


Service Target

Residential care

  • Holders of Macau Identity Card;

  • and assessed under the unified standardised assessment and central referral mechanism by the Social Welfare Bureau, as highly dependent on others in their personal living and daily life due to poor health, physical disability or impaired function.


Daycare service

  • Dementia patient;

  • and assessed under the unified standardised assessment and central referral mechanism by The Social Welfare Bureau, as an ambulatory Macao resident who is eligible to use the daycare services due to cognitive deficits.



  • Applicants should bring along with their Macau Identity Card and medical certificate and go to our nursing home or the designated place of the Social Work Bureau in person or by a delegated member. In order to fill and submit the form “Formulário para o Pedido de Serviço de Encaminhamento para Lar de Idosos.” (Forms can be found and downloaded below this website or on The Social Welfare Bureau website:

Click here to download the form “Formulário para o Pedido de Serviço de Encaminhamento para Lar de Idosos.” 
  • Upon receipt of the application documents, we will transfer it to the Instituto de Accao Social do Governo da Raem for evaluation.

  • Applications that are assessed to be in need of residential care or daycare will be included in the central referral database and will be queued for admission to our nursing home or other suitable homes, or will receive day care centre’s services.


Service Fees 

  • Residential care: MOP7000 per month. (People with financial difficulties can apply for financial assistance from The Social Welfare Bureau of Macau)

  • Daycare service: Depending on the financial income of the individual or family. For more information, please contact the daycare staff.


Visiting Hours

Every day 0800-2000


Service Hours

Monday to Friday 0900-1300, 1400-1800

Saturday 0900-1300

(Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)


Contact Us

Av.Leste do Hipodromo No. 336, 4-7

Andares, Macau

Tel:2843 0281

Fax:2843 0225



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